Grants and Bounties

Since the inception of Zedx, the core team has facilitated the growth of the Zedx blockchain and also developed a set of tools for developers to be able to easily and quickly build extremely user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps). Our focus has primarily been on payment-centric communities like GoodDollar, Kolektivo, Comunitaria and PeeplEat.

Now, we would like to see our tools used by even more high-quality projects, therefore, we stand ready to fund applicants for the Zedx Grants programs.

​The Zedx Future Dev Pool will be used to support projects that bring value to the Zedx ecosystem and users. We are especially interested in new high-potential payment centric communities, DAO initiatives, applications for new crypto users, NFTs, DeFi apps, projects that support current projects, and new categories we haven't even thought of yet!

Although the grant process is not set in stone, the way it currently functions is that we announce bounties on an ongoing basis based on the project category. Please consult the next page to see the bounties that are currently available.

Although the terms of grants may vary depending on the use case, candidates will generally be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of the team following analysis of GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.

  • A written description of the project. We are not necessarily looking for long detailed text but our ability to understand clearly and see the value proposition will play an important role.

  • Tech and product quality based on any work done so far and/or product roadmap vision.\

We invite submissions from click here to apply

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